Yoshii Ryuichi prepares Hiramasa Kingfish Sashimi

By Yoshii Ryuichi, Executive Chef - Yoshii Restaurant

Masterclass by Sydney’s sushi master, Yoshii Ryuichi

After stints in Japan as an Executive Chef, Yoshii moved to Australia, where he now heads up Yoshii restaurant in Sydney’s historic The Rocks. Yoshii is acknowledged for his superlative knife skills, genius in the fine art of sushi making and is routinely described as ‘Sydney’s sushi master’.

Preparing sushi and sashimi the Yoshii way

This masterclass features Yoshii preparing a mouth-watering array of sushi and sashimi from scratch. Yoshii demonstrates how to create artistry on a plate with Hiramasa Kingfish, some good quality (and very sharp) knives and a little bit of patience. Your perseverance will be rewarded! Tutorial courtesy of Yoshii Ryuichi, Executive Chef of acclaimed Yoshii Restaurant located in Sydney’s historic The Rocks.

Tips for selecting , cleaning and filleting Hiramasa Kingfish

1. Check whole fish for firm fresh, clear eyes and bright, clean gills.

2. Remove gills by cutting free from gill plate, insert knife and remove gut and wipe clean.

3. Insert a sharp knife behind head at shoulder of fish and follow the backbone to the tail – turn whole fish over and run knife from tail to front of belly cavity.

4. Insert knife behind ‘wing’ of fish and cut to the top of the shoulder, lifting the fillet from the backbone.

5. Remove rib cage by running a sharp knife along the underside of the ribs.

6. Although skin can be eaten, if required, remove by holding tail firmly and pulling skin against knife.

7. Remove pin bones by cutting top and bottom loins from either side.

8. Slice sashimi slices from loin by cutting directly across the fillet.

9. Cut sashimi slices of belly by cutting at a 15 degree angle across the fillet.

Tips courtesy of The Seafood of the Eyre Peninsula.


Yoshii Ryuichi Masterclass knives

Yoshii’s set of sashimi knives he used for our video are obviously pretty impressive. If you’d like to see Yoshii demonstrating his extraordinary knife skills in person, then contact Yoshii Restaurant – The Rocks. Phone (02) 9247 2566

Yoshii Ryuichi sashimi plate using Hiramasa Kingfish