Citrus-cured Hiramasa Kingfish sashimi with mandarin curd, apple and celery salad

By Carla Jones - 4Fourteen

Carla Jones, Head Chef of Sydney’s acclaimed 4Fourteen restaurant, featured citrus-cured Hiramasa as her Icon Dish at 2015 Taste of Sydney.  It was one of the event highlights, selling over 200 plates.  

While it’s exquisite it’s relatively simple to make and looks sensational when plated up. Try it yourself to find out why it made for such a memorable taste (of Sydney)!


500g of cleaned Hiramasa Kingfish (skin removed)
500g rock salt
250g castor sugar
3 limes, zested
3 lemons, zested
5g roasted coriander seed

For the mandarin curd:
3 mandarins
2 limes, juiced
100g sugar
20g butter

nb: Oranges can substitute mandarins if not in season


Blend 100g of rock salt with roasted coriander seeds. Mix together.

Lay two layers of cling film on top of each other large enough to wrap around the fish. Put half the cure mix on the cling film then place the fish on top. Cover with the remaining cure mix.

Wrap the cling film tightly around and place on tray in the fridge. Leave for 3 hours then wipe off cure mix without running the fish under water.   Slice thinly when ready to serve.

For the curd, prick holes in the mandarin skin and roast at 180 degrees for 25 mins. Remove and let cool slightly. Heat the lime juice and sugar in a pan until dissolved. Remove seeds from mandarins and place the skin and flesh in a blender. Add lime syrup and blend until smooth. Add butter last and blend for a silky finish.

To serve

Place the sliced Hiramasa Kingfish on a chilled plate, dot the mandarin curd around and serve with fine batons of Granny Smith apples and sliced celery Top with celery leaves and watercress.

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