The King of Kingfish

As a natural inhabitant of the cold, crystal-clear waters of Spencer Gulf off the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, Hiramasa Kingfish are locally fed year round in the clean, crisp Antarctic currents that flow freely from the Great Southern Ocean.

Hiramasa is the Japanese word for the species, where it’s highly prized as a superb sashimi fish. Increasingly though, Hiramasa Kingfish is also being acclaimed for its extraordinary versatility; whether served as sashimi, cured, smoked, grilled, fried or roasted as a cutlet or poached as a fillet in broth.

So it’s little wonder that the world’s leading chefs revere Hiramasa Kingfish for its exquisite flavour, texture and consistency and have come to rely on fresh deliveries of it twice weekly, 52 weeks of the year.

Local pride, careful Australian nurturing and global recognition make it easy to see why award-winning Hiramasa Kingfish is indeed, The King of Kingfish.


Premium Quality

Hiramasa Kingfish is renowned for being one of the finest eating fish in the world.

Its firm white-to-pale-pink flesh boasts a fresh, sweet and clean flavour that’s superbly moist and silky unadorned as sashimi, yet rich enough to hold its own when paired with more robust ingredients and flavours, including meat.

Its broad-flaked texture and minimal bone structure is also favoured by leading restaurant chefs for its easy eating, consistently high standard and exquisite mouth feel. The skin crisps brilliantly too, reflecting its higher fat content.

All of which means that Hiramasa Kingfish is a fish for every season; performing magnificently as a warming winter dish as well as clean, classic summer fare.

Whether it’s haute cuisine or haute casual, Hiramasa Kingfish’s versatility makes it a veritable palette for the palate.


Health & Nutrition

Hiramasa Kingfish are a power house of nutrients; packed with omega 3, vitamin E and selenium thanks to their diet and the fresh, nutrient-rich currents that flow into the Spencer Gulf.

If health & nutrition is important to you, then Hiramasa Kingfish is a natural choice because omega 3 is an essential fatty acid the body requires for optimal health.  It’s recognised for protecting against heart disease, for its vital role in brain health, its anti-inflammatory properties and is acknowledged as beneficial for a range of conditions including diabetes, obesity, depression, arthritis and skin disorders.

Hiramasa Kingfish is also an excellent source of vitamin E and selenium, both of which are associated with resistance to diseases such as cancer and in maintaining thyroid health and the body’s immune system.

Hiramasa. Not just The King of Kingfish but also the ultimate in healthy, nourishing indulgence.