Hiramasa awarded twice at leading Australian produce awards

Australian Hiramasa Kingfish, has recently been named State Winner (South Australia) in the prestigious 2016 delicious. Produce Awards.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 5.18.34 pm

This year’s awards were judged by some of Australia’s most revered chefs and culinary luminaries including Peter Gilmore, Shannon Bennett, Guillaume Brahimi, Christine Manfield, Maggie Beer and Matt Moran.

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Which sees Hiramasa awarded twice in July for outstanding produce, as the delicious. win directly follows Hiramasa Kingfish being awarded the only Gold Medal in the Fresh Fish category along with the Best in Class award at the prestigious 2016 Australian Food Awards.

AFA Gold 2016

The Australian Food Awards is Australia’s leading national food awards program that celebrates excellence and recognises the Australia’s best food producers, providing winners with a National Seal of Excellence.

Clean Seas Managing Director and CEO David Head said: “We’re honoured to be awarded the Gold Medal and Best in Class at the 2016 Australian Food Awards and to have been named State Winner in the delicious. Produce Awards once more. It’s a credit to the passion, dedication and relentless pursuit of quality demonstrated every day by our nursery team at Arno Bay right through to the crew responsible for ocean raising our prized kingfish in Port Lincoln.

Mr David Head

Mr David Head

“Hiramasa Kingfish has been singled out amongst some truly outstanding Australian seafood producers and very tough competition this year. 2016 is shaping up to be a landmark year for Hiramasa Kingfish, all thanks to our brilliant Clean Seas team.”

More on delicious produce awards here

Christine Manfield’s Hiramasa Tiradito a knockout at Sydney Seafood School

One of Australia’s most celebrated chefs, Christine Manfield, has been a fervent supporter of the iconic Sydney Seafood School for years, tutoring home cooks in the art of the finest seafood paired with flavours inspired by her gastronomic expeditions to exotic destinations like Morocco, India, Spain and South East Asia.

Christine Manfield at Sydney Seafood School

At her March class, Christine introduced the Sydney Seafood School guests to Nikkei; the Japanese-Peruvian culinary mashup that’s become a worldwide sensation in recent years.

Christine’s own Nikkei flavour bomb was her lip-smacking Tiraditoa Peruvian dish of raw fish, cut in the shape of sashimi, in a spicy Aji Amarillo dressing of white soy sauce and Peruvian yellow chilli paste.

Christine Manfield and Hiramasa Tiradito

Try Christine’s recipe for yourself and check out the photos below of Sydney Seafood School teams recreating the tiradito at state-of-the-art work stations before sitting down to their culinary creations with a glass of wine.

Kingfish & Ocean Trout Tiradito
Serves 6 as an entree


  • 1 x 500g piece of sashimi-grade Hiramasa Kingfish, skin off and pin-boned
  • 1 x 500g piece of sashimi-grade ocean trout fillet, skin off and pin-boned
  • 200g green peas, shelled
  • 1/2 bunch coriander, leaves roughly chopped
  • 1/2 bunch dill, fronds roughly chopped
  • 1/2 long green chilli, finely sliced
  • 50ml white soy sauce (see notes)
  • 1 teaspoon salt flakes

Aji Amarillo Dressing

  • 100ml Aji Amarillo paste (see notes)
  • 100ml extra virgin olive oil
  • 70ml strained lime juice


  • Blanch peas in boiling salted water for 1 minute, then refresh in iced water, drain and set aside.
  • Make Aji Amarillo Dressing: combine all ingredients.
  • Cut fish into slices, about 5mm thick across the fillet (sashimi-style).
  • Arrange in alternate layers on a serving plate.
  • Spoon Aji Amarillo Dressing liberally over the top.
  • Scatter coriander, dill, peas and green chilli over the fish.
  • Drizzle the soy sauce over the top and sprinkle with salt.

Notes: White soy sauce, also called shiro, is available from Japanese grocery stores. Aji Amarillo paste is a Peruvian yellow chilli paste available online through Fireworks Foods at www.fireworksfoods.com.au

Recipe © Christine Manfield.

Become a Seafood superstar at Sydney Seafood School

With 13,000 guests a year attending classes at Sydney Fish MarketSydney Seafood School is Australia’s leading cooking school.  Since 1989 its unique three-stage class (look/cook/eat) provides home cooks with the opportunity to watch and learn from Australia’s leading culinary masters.

In groups of five and with guidance from the presenter and assistants, guests recreate the dishes, preparing a delicious seafood meal which they then sit down and enjoy with a complimentary wine tasting.

Christine’s tutorial and teams recreating her Hiramasa Tiradito



Kings and Queens of Kingfish – job well done!

Sydney Seafood School with Hiramasa Kingfish 1Sydney Seafood School with Hiramasa KingfishSydney Seafood School with Hiramasa KingfishSydney Seafood School Hiramasa KingfishSydney Seafood School Hiramasa KingfishSydney Seafood School Hiramasa KingfishSydney Seafood School Hiramasa KingfishSydney Seafood School Hiramasa Kingfish

Win The Atlantic at Home cookbook

It’s almost Christmas and that means one thing in Australia. Seafood!

Who better then to transform you into a ‘seafood sensation’ than Melbourne culinary icon and Executive Chef of the award-winning restaurant, The Atlantic, Donovan Cooke.

Win The Atlantic at Home cookbook simply by entering below. It’s been described in reviews as an absolute must-have and a true staple for every pantry, so don’t miss your chance to own an autographed copy from Donovan; one of 20 we have to give away.

Win The Atlantic at Home cookbook

Watch Donovan talk about what’s in his seminal cookbook and why Hiramasa Kingfish is featured not once, but twice with recipes that are light on effort but big on impact when they land on the table.

Enter now.

Two of Donovan’s favourite Hiramasa Kingfish recipes feature in The Atlantic at Home, each of which is a beautifully light, summery dish that celebrates the delicate flavour and exquisite texture of Hiramasa rather than overpowers it.  Perfect for the warm summer months with a glass of riesling or pinot grigio.

And if you’re in Melbourne, then needless to say we couldn’t suggest anything better than experiencing Donovan’s expertise first-hand.  The beautiful The Atlantic has a fine dining room, oyster bar and a very cool underground bar, The Den.

The Atlantic
Crown Entertainment Complex
8 Whiteman Street
Southbank VIC 3006 Australia

Email reservations@theatlantic.com.au

Hours of Operation
Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.

The Atlantic Restaurant
Lunch: 12 noon – 3pm
Dinner: Monday to Sunday from 6:00pm – 11:00pm

The Oyster Bar & Grill is open from 12 noon – 1am

The Den is open 7 nights a week:
Sunday to Thursday from 5:30pm – 1:00am
Friday and Saturday from 5:30pm – 3:00am

Quick fish tips from top Sydney chefs

Some of Sydney’s most celebrated chefs; ester‘s Mat Lindsay, 4Fourteen‘s Carla Jones and Bar H‘s Hamish Ingham, take time out to give us their top fish tips.

Mat, Carla and Hamish tell us how to get the best out of selecting, filleting and barbecuing Hiramasa Kingfish.

These award-winning chefs regularly feature Hiramasa on their menus, so let the experts show you how it’s really done at one of their beautiful restaurants.

ester – Chippendale

4Fourteen – Surry Hills

barH – Surry Hills

Watch the video below for quick fish tips from top Sydney chefs that will guarantee a great result every time.  Couldn’t be simpler!

Check out Carla Jones’ beautiful Hiramasa Kingfish sashimi and grilled cutlet recipes here.

Once you’ve selected and filleted your kingfish, you can try Mat Lindsay’s incredibly simple burnt citrus trick to ramp up the flavour on the BBQ.

Or for something a little more comprehensive, here’s a lipsmacking marinade with zing:

Neil Perry’s BBQ Hiramasa Kingfish with chilli and herb marinade

Neil Perry Hiramasa Loins


1 whole Hiramasa Kingfish, skinned and filleted
4 cloves garlic
3 long fresh red chills
1 lemon, zested
1 cup continental parsley
1/2 cup oregano leaves
Extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt
Freshly ground white pepper to taste


Blend all ingredients together until smooth. Marinate the fillets liberally for an hour.   Heat the BBQ to medium and grill the kingfish until medium rare.   Serve straight away with lemon wedges.

View Neil’s step-by-step guide here

With thanks to Neil Perry and lifestylefood.com.au

Rowie rolls out her Hiramasa Wellington

You’ve heard of the classic Beef Wellington, right?  Well here’s a new taste sensation. Rowie’s Hiramasa Wellington, brought to you by the Queen of Gluten-Free Pastry, Rowie Dillon of Rowie’s Cakes, who’s getting positively regal with The King of Kingfish.

In Rowie’s signature recipe, the traditional pâté topping normally used for Beef Wellington is replaced by a soft pea, lettuce and dill mixture that’s infused with coconut oil and lemon zest. Delicious but subtle enough not to overpower the delicate flavour of the kingfish.


Rowie’s amazing pastry includes cold mashed potato, which adds a fluffy layered texture to the centre of the pastry while making it super crunchy on the top.

Watch Rowie walk us through the steps to preparing Hiramasa Wellington.  Fit for a dinner party feast of 8-10 people and sure to wow everyone if it’s carved up at the table while it’s piping hot.

You can also follow the full recipe here.

Thanks to Rowie’s Cakes, Claudio’s Seafoods and Sydney Fish Market for their help in making Hiramasa Wellington a happening thing.

Hiramasa Wellington carve up

Hiramasa Wellington served up

Shaun Presland riding high on London’s Carousel

130 kilos of Hiramasa Kingfish are being delivered fresh weekly to Shaun Presland, Executive Chef of Sake Restaurants in Australia and now chef in residence at London’s Carousel Restaurant for the next fortnight.

Shaun’s lunch and dinner menus, designed to showcase his unique take on contemporary Japanese, are an absolute knockout and, we’re thrilled to say, a veritable cavalcade of Hiramasa.

Shaun Presland at Carousel

Shaun preps in Carousel’s kitchen.

The lunch menu features Shaun’s seven-piece sashimi appetiser and dinner menu showcases Hiramasa Kingfish five ways with the sashimi buddying up with kingfish tacos, kingfish tartar, kingfish ‘new style’ (with searing hot sesame oil and ponzu) and kingfish ceviche.

Carousel Menu

One of two menus Shaun’s designed for Carousel.

As main course on both menus, Shaun’s presenting his Yakimono; crispy skin Hiramasa Kingfish with ‘old school’ ginger teriyaki glaze, ohitashi (spinach and mushroms), carrot puree, jalapeño cream and a leek wafer.

Shaun’s Yakimono is in fact a close relation to the rustic Kuwayaki Fillet he prepares in the Sydney Fish Market’s video masterclasses.

Watch Shaun in action, download the Kuwayaki recipe here and you too could be cooking like one of Australia’s leading Executive Chefs.

Big thanks to Southbank Fresh Fish for taking such good care of our kingfish at the other end.

If you’d also like to try Shaun’s ceviche, check out the recipe here.  It’s a real flavour bomb thanks to its bursts of lime, coriander and chilli, but is also remarkably easy to prepare and a fabulous dish to keep in mind as we head back into the warmer months.

Congrats to our winners of a fish filleting knife

Thanks to everyone for entering our Sydney Seafood School competition, which also made you eligible for our second-chance draw to win a Dexter-Russell fish filleting knife, America’s leading professional knife brand since 1818.

Our winners are:

  • Tom Bates
  • Elizabeth Zammit
  • Gail Gerrard
  • Tom Lovell
  • Mark Robins
  • Susan Kath

We’ll be contacting you shortly to arrange delivery of your prize.

Win a fish filleting knife

You’ll be filleting like an executive chef in no time thanks to the 400 series stain-free, high-carbon steel blades and slip resistant handle.

The Dexter 8″ knife comes with a sheath and is hollow ground for easy maintenance and rapid resharpening.

Just in time for our video masterclasses too.

Our three videos feature Sake Restaurant‘s Shaun Presland and his Kingfish Kuyawaki Fillet, 4Fourteen Restaurant‘s Carla Jones and her grilled Hiramasa cutlet and Yoshii Restaurant‘s Yoshii Ryuichi’s filleting and sashimi preparation tips.

The Queen of Gluten-Free & The King of Kingfish

In 2001 Rowie’s Cakes was born, dedicated to concocting wickedly delicious sweet treats that were 100% gluten, yeast and wheat free. They were an instant hit and not just for the non-yeastie, wheaties either.

Rowie's Gluten-Free Hiramasa Kingfish Pie

Fast forward a decade and a half and Rowie Dillon’s ranges can be found in Thomas Dux, Woolworths and David Jones and on board Qantas, Tiger Airways or Singapore Airlines. Rowie’s also collaborated with artisan sourdough bakers Sonoma to produce its Gluten Free Chia and Linseed Bread, and her second cookbook’s now in production.

So it’s a treat that Rowie had time to unveil her Gluten-Free Hiramasa Kingfish Pie and walk us through the preparation. Rowie’s pie is really easy to make, hearty and nutritious and super kind on the tummy too.

Rowie's Gluten-Free Hiramasa Kingfish Pie

You can find Rowie’s recipe here.

Thanks to Rowie’s Cakes, Sydney Fish Market and Claudio’s Seafoods

ester: Any hotter and it’d spontaneously combust!

Mat Lindsay’s ester restaurant burst onto the Sydney restaurant scene like a raging bushfire a couple of years ago and the accolades show no signs of abating.  Any hotter and it’d spontaneously combust.

In its first year ester took out Best New Restaurant at the esteemed Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Awards for 2015, also garnering two coveted hats in its debut year.

Mat Lindsay from ester restaurant

ester’s Mat Lindsay talks Hiramasa.

More recently, ester was listed at a phenomenal 14 in the Australian Financial Review’s Top 100 Restaurants in Australia.  As the first peer-based restaurant awards programme of its type in the country, it means that Mat is not only rubbing shoulders with Australia’s culinary elite, he’s being applauded and lauded by it too.

And with very good reason.  Mat’s one of the most innovative chefs in the country.  His Hiramasa Kingfish is showcased as sashimi, but Mat also renders the belly fat in ester’s wood-fired oven to use as a glaze, serves the head roasted and grinds the fish bones down for stock.

ester hiramasa entree by Mat Lindsay

Happy to see Mat’s exquisite Hiramasa entree back on the menu via Instagram.

Mat was good enough to talk to us recently about his love of fire and heat (his wood-fired oven is the centrepiece of his restaurant), what he loves about Hiramasa Kingfish, and gives us a wonderfully simple BBQ tip that’ll deliver even more flavour to whatever you throw on the grill or hotplate.

ester restaurant 46 Meagher Street, Chippendale, Sydney.  Phone: (02) 8068 8279

Vodka, coffee & kingfish? Yep, it’s Espresso Hiramasa.

We’ve all heard of the popular cocktail, the Espresso Martini, but as leading Queensland food blogger Petra Frieser points out, coffee, vodka and kingfish (aka Espresso Hiramasa) would seem to make very strange bedfellows indeed.

So Petra was as surprised as we were when her coffee and vodka-curing experiment with one of our 4.5 kilo beauties resulted in a marriage made in epicurean heaven.

Petra’s blog, Pebbles + Pomegranate Seeds, charts her efforts tackling the kingfish filleting process for the first time, experimenting with curing combinations and documenting the journey and results in her seriously mouth-watering images (Petra’s also a professional photographer!)

We were lucky enough to meet Petra at the Noosa International Food and Wine Festival where she talked to us about her kingfish culinary adventure.

Curing starts with the freshest of fish

Petra considers the selection of fish the most important part of the curing process. It has to be super fresh and that’s why she opted for a whole, which reveals its freshness in eye clarity and general condition.

Hiramasa Kingfish

And an emphasis on premium quality

Petra had heard about Hiramasa Kingfish from a number of people and admits to having been a bit obsessed with getting her hands on one as really nothing compares to it.

Hiramasa Kingfish fillet

Coffee and vodka = sublime kingfish

The coffee grounds gave the kingfish an almost smoky flavour with a hint of a chocolate which Petra described as a ‘taste sensation that was soft, luxurious and sublime!’

Espresso Hiramasa

What you’ll need

500g fillet Hiramasa Kingfish

¾ cup coffee beans – coarsely ground

½ cup coarse Himalayan Rock Salt

½ cup Brown/Muscovado Sugar

¼ cups vodka

1 lime – zest only, finely grated

For instructions and step-by-step images on Petra’s curing method visit pebblesandpomegranateseeds.com.au